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Modern websites and sustainable branding for authentic voices

Welcome to Pixels!

First and foremost, I am a Berlin-based graphic- and web designer

However, my holistic approach, attention to detail and my natural curiosity allow me to venture out of the constraints of a typical design freelancer.

I don’t work with ready-made layouts and prefer using my own photography, paving way for authentic, one-of-a-kind material for print, digital and online use. But that doesn’t mean astronomic budgets – my unbureaucratic, creative approach to working process makes way for shortcuts and fast decision making in order to save resources as well as cut down production time. In summary, I would describe myself as design all-rounder adding sustainable value to your brand and campaigns.

My core design principles: 1. simplicity 2. clarity 3. harmony.

I like what I do, for example:

  • web design and realization
  • SEO strategy and website content
  • corporate identity and art direction
  • logos, icons, illustrations and animations
  • production-ready product packaging
  • small and large format print projects
  • portraits, business and real estate photography
  • image and video editing, vectorization
  • infographics, technical illustrations, instructions
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Berlin-based graphic and web designer Andrius Savickas

Berlin-based graphic and web designer Andrius Savickas


My work has traversed various industries from medical laser production to sustainable fashion and local trades mainly in German-speaking b2b & b2c markets, withstanding a relationship with artistic and charitable organizations in Germany and beyond. I am passionate about problem-solving design, effective communication, sustainability, longevity and nature-inspired arts.


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